9 Ways to Have an Actual “GOOD” Morning

We ALL say it. A lot. Probably every day to more than one person: "Good morning!" But was it really good?


You weren't saying "good morning" when you were running down the street like Forrest Gump trying to catch the bus, when your tore through the house like the Tasmanian Devil looking for your favorite striped shirt you planned to wear today or when you realized you wouldn't be hitting the gym after work today because, well...that gym bag is still sitting by the front door.

Our mornings set the tone for the rest of the day. Which means it's REALLY important that they ACTUALLY be good. You don't want to walk in to work, school or anywhere else you've got to be in the morning already defeated before you even step in to the building. Here are 9 ways to have an actual "good" morning.


  1. You're not gonna like this one (don't say I didn't warn you): get up earlier.

You'd be surprised what an extra 15 minutes can do.


  1. Silence your phone.

The more calls, texts and tweets you answer (wait can you even "answer" Tweets? RESPOND...I meant respond to tweets...), the more flustered — and late — you'll be. Ain't nobody [literally] got time for that.


  1. Shake It (like a salt shaker). 

Play a fast, upbeat song that puts you in a good mood and you can't help but move faster. Be a Fly Girl, Taylor Swift, a backup dancer for Beyoncé — whoever you need to be to get out the door on time.


  1. Lay out your clothes for work, school, church or life the night before, 1st-day-of-high-school style (don't act like you didn't try on 50 outfits for orientation day).

It sounds elementary, but it works. I promise you'll be happy you did this in advance when you're NOT rummaging through your closet like a mad scientist in the morning.


  1. Eat a QUICK breakfast.

Go-Gurt, the fruitiest Loops, a spoiled egg: I don't care what it is, but please, for everyone's sake, EAT something so you don't get all hangry on us.


  1. Peace out

Light a candle to burn while you're getting ready. The right scent (citrus, lavender, mint) can give off positive fumes — and vibes — that can potentially put you in a [more] positive mood.


  1. Count Your Blessings [Literally]

I started a "Thankful" journal last year, writing 10 things I'm grateful for every single day. It really puts things in to perspective. And I'm guessing you will have way more than 10 things to write down once you get going...


  1. Cheat your morning

Mix that pancake batter the night before. Braid your hair the night before. Pack your lunch the night before. Fellas - pack up your murse (that's man-purse for some of you who are just joining us) the night before. Key words here: night before.


  1. Choose to have a good morning

Yep - just like that: you're the boss. Don't let the "little foxes" (cc: my boy Solomon 2:15) ruin your day --- in other words; make sure you're not giving one "little" thing too much power over you, your mood and your day.


Ok. Get out of here because if you're late this morning from reading this I am not taking the blame...


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  1. I really LOVE your truth and humor when you write these articles! I am so inspired and laugh my booty off as I read them! Keep’em coming!!!

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