Elevator Etiquette: #HowRude


That’s a long way down…

Photo by Kevin Sequeira

That floor-to-floor journey can be the most awkward 30 seconds of your life. It’s too quiet or too loud or too smelly and everyone is thinking the same thing: JUST GET ME OUT OF HERE **raise your hand if you’ve ever gotten off at a floor that wasn’t even your real stop because you just couldn’t take it anymore…


Though the ride may be brief, there are some things you can do to make it a little less awkward. Here’s how to make your next ride a pleasant one.


  1. Do not block the buttons.

ESPECIALLY if there is only one set.


  1. Say hi.

With eye contact. Now…was that so hard? J Hey you might even get some digits and I’m not talking about the ones on those buttons if you know what I’m sayin’…


  1. If you see someone running for the door, for goodness sake, press the “Open Door” button.

This is not the bus – you can wait. Three seconds won’t kill you, but could be the difference between that running man getting fired for being late (because he had to wait for the next elevator) or getting to keep his new job.


  1. If you retreat to a corner, acknowledge other persons in the elevator.


You are not Violet from The Incredibles (you’re not wearing an invisible cloak: people can still see you even if you ignore them).


   5. Move

Ludacris said it best. Okay, okay – he might have said it a tad bit aggressively and with some additional unnecessary choice words, but you get the point. There aren’t a lot of options in an elevator – you’re either going to be next to someone or be next to someone. So don’t make it harder and stay planted -move around. Shift. Get uncomfortable. Remember this is a temporary situation, and a door will open for you soon (Can I get an “amen”?).


  1. If you’re standing by the buttons, you’re the driver/conductor. Ask newcomers what floor they’re going to.


  1. Don’t spray scented anything – lotion, perfume: we are literally trapped in here with you.


30 seconds. You can wait 30 seconds to spray that AXE Body Spray.


Ok – are we all good here? Then get going. Happy riding y’all!

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  1. This has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone on elevators. You’re kind of like the cool aunt that gives wise but funny advice on life situations! Keep it coming!

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