Game of Phones: So Emoji-nal

We all know that sometimes, things get lost in text translation…

And if you are like me, you may or may not use emojis every now and then to help you express yourself (okay, okay I admit it: I use emojis often. Very often).
Now that I have opened up the vulnerability vault, let’s all admit something together: at some point in our lives, we have each received an emoji in a text that we did not know how to translate. Well, it’s time to release the shame from your [phone] game: I’m here to help make sure the lines of communication are open, and that we are all on the same page about these emotional symbols. If you’ve ever gotten an emoji and wondered what it really means, this one goes out to you.
Below, please find your personal cheat guide (complete with pictures) for all those…emotions:
Face With Rolling Eyes on Samsung I see how it is, but I stay woke.
Raising Hands on SamsungShabach on that, #HowBoutDat.
Expressionless Face on SamsungI am not entertained.
Grinning Face on SamsungComplete sarcasm and exaggeration of happy.
Upside-Down Face on SamsungWhat in the actual flip /Oops /#WelcomeToMyLife.
See-No-Evil Monkey on SamsungBlushing, Embarrassed or Flattered.
Fire on Samsung Lit.
Pile of Poo on SamsungWelp. This one’s pretty literal. 
Woman Dancing: Light Skin Tone on SamsungFeelin’ so good I might do a little jig…
Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes on SamsungCue heart melt.
Face Blowing a Kiss on SamsungGot mad love for you.
Hugging Face on SamsungReally Stinkin’ Cute.
Smirking Face on Samsung[Major] Side Eye, Disbelief, “Wow”, or “Seriously?”
Disappointed but Relieved Face on SamsungYep: said it /Just took it there /Oh, so I’m the only one who was thinking that?
Weary Face on SamsungI’m exhausted/Good Lord.
Face With Steam From Nose on Samsung“You mad?” Yes, yes I am…
Nerd Face on SamsungNerd, or “Cute. Pyscho, but Cute.”
Face Savouring Delicious Food on SamsungBrb: don’t mind if I do…
Grimacing Face on SamsungMuaahahahahahaha
Face With Tears of Joy on SamsungStawwwwp, stawp (go on/I’m dying)…
Waving Hand: Medium Skin Tone on Samsung Hey/What’s Up/Hello and also “Bye” because you’ve reached the end of this post. 

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  1. So absolutely cute!!! I miss this so much. I’m so glad you’re back to blogging. This was so funny and entertaining to read. It was also very educational. You actually should write a book.

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