2017 Dating Rules

Mmm-hm: how good does that potential, hopeful, made-up, all-in-your-head relationship look right now?


Well if ya wanna make it happen, there are some modern day, in-an-age-where-it's-considered-appropriate-to-ask-someone-out-via-text DATING RULES you should be aware of (**cue uneasy, Friday the 13th theme song**)...



1. Show Interest

We're all adults here - don't be afraid of rejection. Go for it. Wink. Smile. Say "hi." Send that "heart eyes" emoji. Accidentally knock their coffee out of their hands (just don't knock it on to them because that could actually ruin any chance you had...no pressure!). They might be worth the risk, and you'll never know unless you swipe try. It sounds kind of "duh" but you'd be surprised how many times two people are interested in each other, but neither says anything, or completely misses every supposedly "flirty" move the other person has made (see #10).

2. Cut the "Wait Three Days To Respond" Crap
I mean what on earth not even a Snapchat lasts that long - what the heck are you waiting for?! Stop talking yourself out of it. I bet most of your reasons are invalid. Seriously - let me hear them... When you know, you know.
3. Be Datable
Keep yourself..."up". Like, comb your hair. Wear clean clothes. Brush your teeth. If someone next to you has been really smelly all week, that "someone" is you. Take a shower [using soap]. One would think these things are basic but...
If you saw you walking down the street, would you want to get to know you?
4. Do Your Research
There are lots of Facebook pages avenues for research these days. Ask a friend. Ask one of their friends. Peek at their Instagram page. SOME information is good. Just don't get all crazy, making up stories about their life and checking their page 15 times a day to try to figure out what's happening on their page when you could have just asked them out by now. #ScrollIntervention #DemiseOfTheDoubleTap
5. Have Something In Common
Both love Batman? Great. Fellow movie addicts? Fantastic. Both take your dog to that popular neighborhood dog park every Saturday? Find a common ground and spark a conversation about it. Or as an added bonus, do that common "thing" with each other (ok simmer down over there - if it's something appropriate and reasonable).
6. Be You
The more of yourself that you hide, the more of yourself you'll have bottled up, waiting for a reveal and release that may come in the form of an explosive, fully-loaded, shaken up Sprite can you left in the freezer too long. Let it out now, nice and easy. You can't hide forever [come out, come out wherever you are!] 🙂
7. Follow Up
Did you enjoy dinner last night? Tell her. Wanna catch another movie sometime? Text him. Loved seeing them at that volunteer church meeting earlier this week? Let's make round two happen, people...round two!
8. Be Single
I know, I know. Believe it or not, this made the list.
9. Be Available
Ahhhh, but isn't this the same thing as being "single"? WRONG AGAIN! **in my Rafiki voice** Being single concerns your relationship status; being available concerns your state of mind. Do whatever you need to do to be available — talk to a friend, a mentor, counselor, heck: quit him/her cold turkey. Take down that photo of him posted directly above your bed. Delete that text. Unfollow. Do whatever that thing is that you need to do to get free.
10. For Goodness Sake, Flirt
If you suck at it, practice. Test out pick up lines on a [non-judgmental] friend. Role play with a friend of the opposite sex. Make sure you know exactly what that new slang word you're planning to use means before you use it in a sentence.
11. Swipe Sincerely
IF you're going to use Tinder, Bumble, JSwipe - whatever your fancy: when you swipe right, please, for goodness sake, actually be interested in learning more about and pursuing some sort of relationship with the person. Otherwise, Swiper, no swiping. P.s. - these apps aren't for everybody. I'll leave that one right there.
And I'll leave this post right here, too. And there are 11 because there just are, ok? May these eleven elevate your dating game, life and future. Amen.

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