How to Deal with the Negative Nancy, Nakeisha or Nathan In Your Life

                                                                                                                        Photo by: Ryan McGuire
We all have them in our lives. They lurk behind coffee counters. They're just past the peas at the grocery store. They're across from you, at Pump 2, complaining about how gas has never been this high (it's $2.55/gallon). And they all have one goal in mind: negative vibes only. (And if you don't know a negative Nancy, maaaybe it's you...)
Here are 10 ways to deal with the Debby Downer in your life:
1. Answer a call one. Just grab your phone, say hello, and start up a conversation. Warning: this only works if you commit to it. Follow-through is EVERYthing here.
2. Don't encourage their negativity. Whenever they start their negative speech/issue-of-the-day, don't get all "SAME!" or "Me tooooo!" or "You're RIGHT, everything DOES totally suck!" You're fueling their fire. Stop it right now. Seriously. Don't make me come over there...
3. Change the subject to something light and generic. As crazy as it sounds, the whole "how 'bout the weather today, huh?" ALWAYS works. Annndddd now everyone who I've asked about the weather knows my secret. Hashtag #OUTED
4. Call them out (in love, lovingly, obviously). Let them know that there is power in their words, and if they keep that negative attitude up, they're not making things any better. And after that, obviously, drop the mic. ALWAYS DROP THE MIC.
5. Counter their negatives with positives. Like this:
NN: OMG I ran out of gas on the way here. Why does this always happen to me?!
You: Hey - look at the bright side: at least you have a car! 
NN: I hate my job. 
You: There are SO many people that are unemployed right now. Start looking for something else, and in the meantime, enjoy getting that PAYday.
NN: I have the worst luck in love.
You: Your time will come. Trust the timing of your life. In the mean time, enjoy your freedom, check some things off your bucket list that you've always wanted to do and check out that How to Be Single movie.
6. Call for an interruption. Text a friend to call you immediately, text your neighbor to come borrow some sugar: do what you gotta do.
7. Introduce them to a negativer Nancy. On second thought, nope. scratch this one. Actually, NEVER do this. Omg what am I thinking...
8. Politely excuse yourself. Escape to that sweet-smelling office bathroom. Walk outside and catch a whiff of fresh, easy-going, non-negative air. Go to your loudest-music-playing-ever neighbor OR...see #6
9. One-up their crazy. Some suggestions: storm out of the room, flip a table over, throw a dish at the wall, scream Macaulay Culkin-Home-Alone-aftershave-style, do an awkward animal get the point. JUST kidding!...Maybe.
10. Purchase some noise-cancelling headphones. I recommend Beats by Dre, or Bose QuietComfort. 
Ok. Off to change the world you go! [one less-negative-Nancy, Nakeisha or Nathan at a time]...

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